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A few weeks ago asked me about this company that it is one that I will definitely include in my list of the best network marketing MLM companies to 2017 due to the quality of its products, its kind of compensation plan and global expansion that is taking since it was launched to the market in 2009.

Jeunesse is a young company but is giving that talk in many corners of the world due to its versatile plan compensation and fundamentally to growth opportunities posed to various types of enterprises that can go at the same jagged. The type of client that are running with their products in general, that makes this always in search of novelty, their health care, their aesthetic and their body in a company with a potential for expansion for many years following a global trend in anti-age products.

How does the Jeunesse compensation plan?
Your compensation plan is one of the most robust and fair that I've seen on the market, I say this primarily because it is a binary system that pays commissions by cycles, and by degrees of growth of the network up to the seventh level, something that definitely makes it a fair company regarding the work of each of the lines that we can create within our teams. This is the most attractive in this company although it has other ways to generate money which are not only the commissions but there are also other types of bonuses and rewards.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of Jeunesse?
I do not think that there are the perfect network marketing companies or many less, exist if good compensation plans that are some fairer and more fair for its distributors, some are more solid and others not so much, some companies have good products and others not so much. The key when choosing a network marketing company is to make a more or less objective balance of what we want to achieve, our personal momentum, our personal resources and our temporary goals and interweave them with what gives us this or that company, with the quality of their products, with their times, their methods with its real possibilities and growth and other factors that have to do with the structure of the business plan.

Jeunesse  may not be the pre-trial company for people who do not have experience in sales or not interested to create business teams although it can definitely be a good choice if what you want are high quality products to enhance your lifestyle.
Companies multilevel always have to divide waters between customers and distributors but... Why choose a single multi-tier client enterprise? Well that is a question which one makes is already not as client, true?, but definitely it is not a question that one can make it in all the companies sales of wellness products or in a Bank, or a supermarket, that is also unclear.

I think that very few people think themselves as what means to be a true entrepreneur and not a mere distributor of products, is projected in the time to rethink the idea of a career based on a lifestyle that only sees products as a stepping-stone between the personal well-being and social , because I think that is the benefit they bring praises companies of direct selling and the marketing multilevel regional economies.

When you choose one or the other company do not stay with the magnificence of a compensation plan or with the innovative product because even though these things are important, they are not decisive. You are the one who is going to be the key link of success when decide that you want to apply this or that strategy for this or what compensation plan, the company you choose already is working around the world, such as Jeunesse, but could well be talking about other companies such as Amway, Herbalife and Organo Gold, - to name a few - and the fact that are working for others does not mean to do it for you because the secret of the success of these companies is the quality of its distributors that age if same as team leaders not as salespeople, it envisions if changing lives, not selling products and are keen to create strategies for their groups not to present plans by chance.

That is what determines success or failure in this kind of business and that is what we should refer to talk about factors that make companies advantageous or not, but for you personally.
There are hundreds of companies of multilevel arising every month virtually from nothing and many people begin to promote them under the promise of making lots of money in a short time; some of them are downright pure scam, i.e. they are pyramid schemes dressed up as real MLM companies that are only intended to operate for a few months and get the most amount of money people to then fall. That's the kind of business that we should avoid, it seems to me.

It is also true that there are many improvised in MLM, is a person who believes that it can make money for doing nothing or simply by putting money into a system determined that promises you to triple your investment in a few months, this system is the typically pyramidal that falls within a few months because it is unsustainable.

The truth is that it is not only recognize and bind to that believe that it is the best MLM company this by 2015, but is also two very important words that are much more powerful to make multilevel successfully, those words are: learning and team.

If we are not willing to learn techniques to apply them in the creation of our own teams inside and outside the internet then the MLM is not for you, that also implies not only an additional money but also your personal time investment. And if you're not ready to choose a team and a coach also it will be difficult for you to reach success doing networkmarketing in this 2015, for the simple fact that it is them who you should absorb experience to build your own equipment.

There are people who start doing MLM in solitude, and well, there are some who manage to survive its first year successfully and make money, but that is not the average, most are discouraged, stagnates and leaves not to resolve the typical problems for which there is a business mentor.

Among the companies that seem really solid are (the order is random):
-Body Gold
-Global Telecom Connect
-Global Youth
-Gano Excel

In this post I will not make a detailed analysis of these companies, but if you have your own or see something in which you think that you could make money and equipment please let me know in a comment or on my Facebook post since then I will choose 5 of these companies and I'll review them thoroughly for power profiling some of the best options to build networks this year.

If these in some of them vote for them leaving the name of your company in the comments either if you have any additional comments, for example your experience at one of them also I will be interested know that there are thousands of people looking for additional information and experiences of real people like you about these companies, let me know the advantages and disadvantages that you see them these network marketing companies.

It is important to choose companies of career as I said but must also analyze teams and the leaders behind these companies, as well as also their product, their methods of payment of commissions and affiliation of new members, their system of business, their training materials or team strategy, its national presence in your country and your actual movement of last year all those elements will make that the company you choose is indicated, not only the thousands of dollars that his compensation plan will allow us to win.

And ti is the best mlm company to do in 2015?